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Hunting Manor

Archaeological digs exposed prehistoric dwellings and medieval stone foundations under the present building. In 2003, in the cellar we discovered silver coins dated early 1500s, which had presumably fallen out of our ancestors' pockets. Several building phases: Renaissance (16-17th century), Baroque (18th) and Classicism (19th).

The fractured, rediscovered renaissance stone doorframe of the main entrance before and after restoration

This wooden cask was unearthed   from under the old loo, in which was   found a fragment of the above stone   doorframe

Results from wall research: all outside walls are richly decorated in fresco technique. 

Click here for more photographs of the Hunting Manor

Family Chapel and Crypt

Restored in the 15th century, exterior pulpit decorated in fresco technique added around 1710, furniture 17th- 19thcentury.

 The exterior pulpit before and after restoration, last finishings at the restored chapel.

Upper Guest House

Cellar not later than 17th century (with shooting embrasures), house built on top in 1856.

Before and after restoration

Lower Guest House

Western wall not later than 17th century (with shooting embrasures), rest of the house between 1850 -1870.

Before and after restoration, restored interior

Stucco Guest House

Village house dated 1850. Unusually rich exterior decorations.

Before and after reconstruction

Serf's House (Guest House)

In 2005, the serf's house originally belonging to the "Upper house" (no. 186) has also been fully restored. The house's original colour has been restored to the traditional "Transylvanian Blue". The recipe is based on organic pigments and a handful of soot.

Before and after restoration


If you wish to know more about the family and its cultural heritage, please visit the Kalnoky Conservation Trust

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