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Main Manor

After the medieval dungeon and the 14th-15th century moat manor the family built this larger castle in the 16th century, which was repeatedly damaged and changed until the turn of the 19th century when it received its classicist looks.

Pictures of the castle before communism and after

Family Crypt

Late gothic carved stone doorframe, which was most probably re-used and decorated with renaissance elements in 1685. The Crypt was robbed in the 1970s. The thief was stopped by the villagers and the stolen items were confiscated by the "Securitate". Since then, all objects have disappeared from the "Securitate", too.

Small Manor

Second half of 19th century, originally inhabited by a noble family from the village. It is situated inside the former castle park, having once been the house for the Estate administrator and is currently the home of the Kálnoky family.


If you wish to know more about the family and its cultural heritage, please visit the
Kalnoky Conservation Trust

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