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For those interested in some serious walking, we offer hiking activities throughout the year, including the winter.  If snow cover is deep enough, cross country skiing is available.  A day’s hiking activity includes an information pack (information, maps), transportation to the drop-off point, a picnic lunch, and collection at a designated pick-up point.  If you would like to be accompanied by a hiking/nature guide, this can also be arranged for selected hikes. 

Grade A – Easy

Grade B - Moderate

Grade C –Strenuous

Grade D - Tough



            Grade A

            12 km

  • Traditional horse-drawn cart will take you to your starting point in the Ajta Valley, which involves crossing the stream numerous times.
  • You will also be able to visit a traditional charcoal burner, still typical to Transylvania.
  • The hike along the ridge will take you through mature beech and hornbeam forests, medieval woodland pasture with oak and wild pear – good habitats for large mammals, reptiles and amphibians (including the fire salamander).  You may meet Romanian shepherds with their flocks of sheep. 


Day 2   The GORGE

            Grade B

            7 km

  • A land rover will drive you through pretty villages and forest roads to your starting point at the dramatic Vargyas Gorge. *
  • The hike over the top of the gorge will take you through beech forests, a stone meadow with Steppe vegetation, and wild flower meadows – good habitat for reptiles and insects (including the praying mantis). 
  • The gorge commands stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, such as the volcanic plateau of the Hargita Mountains.  The ruins of an early medieval chapel called locally the Tartar's Chapel.


*An alternative route can be taken if you wish to see the caves and bats.

Day 3   The KING’S STONE

            Grade D (or C)

            20 km


  • The starting point of the hike is Plaiul Foii at the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountain, which is the most spectacular limestone massif of the Southern Carpathians in Transylvania.
  • In order to reach the peak, you will have to climb steep and exposed rock faces.  This hike, however, can be adapted to suit different levels of physical fitness as there are alternative hiking routes in this area.
  • Towards the end of the hike, you will reach a Zarnesti Gorge, where you might spot the attractive wall creeper and alpine swifts.


Day 4   FREE

  • This day can be spent relaxing in and around Miklósvár village or you can join one of our nature or culture tours, which may, for example, include visiting the fortified Saxon churches or a volcanic lake.


Day 5   RIKA

            Grade C

            22 km

  • At the starting point of this hike you have the opportunity to visit the remains of Attila the Hun’s forest fortress, as well the as the burial site of his wife Rika. (There is no archeological evidence for these, it is supported by local Transylvanian legend).
  • This hike will take you through extensive forests of beech, hornbeam and oak.
  • Towards the end of your hike you will discover a basalt quarry, which is also designated as a geological site of special interest.


            Grade B

            16 km

  • You will start from an old iron furnace, which was used successfully to make canons used in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49.
  • This hike takes you along the southern Harghita Mountains, where you will have wonderful views of the Csík basin.
  • The hike ends at a mineral water spa, Uzonka Fürdő.

Day 7   FOSSIL

            Grade C

            22 km


  • The starting point of this hike is Ürmös village, where you also have the opportunity to see a marl cliff with fossilised clams and ammonites.
  • This hike takes you over wild flower meadows, woodland pastures, and forested hills.  The views during this walk are spectacular.  Miklósvár can be spotted on the other side of the Olt River.
  • On the hillside you can find carpets of bleached white fossils exposed from erosion. 


*     Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control, the following itinerary may be subject to change.